Sprit POS


The Spirit POS System is a complete point of sale & inventory control solution for retail businesses. The cash register interface is available in a number of user-friendly layouts including the Spirit Touchscreen, NCR DynaKey, and Standard Keyboard mode. The back office management suite included with every system features robust reporting and management features for every part of your business.

Fail Safe Cash Register

The Spirit™ POS is a “real-time” system.  Any changes to the inventory, customers or catalogs, etc. take affect immediately at the registers.  Without a “real-time” system, price changes, inventory additions, etc. will not be immediately available to the registers.  Sales information, onhand quantity reductions, etc. will not be available for reports and purchase orders until the information is either pushed or pulled from each register.  A “real-time” system is very important in a busy retail environment.  You will be disappointed with anything less.

When working on a “real-time” system it is imperative to have data redundancy.  In a network environment, your registers are dependent on a remote server as that’s where the data is.  With data redundancy, an interruption in communication between your register and server could mean down time at the checkout counter.

We’ve made it simple and automatic… your registers can remain functional whether or not your network is on-line.  In the unlikely event of your network going off-line, the Spirit™ POS registers will continue to operate independently in the Auto Sensing™ Fail Safe mode.  This feature is so smart that if you are in the middle of a sales transaction and someone shuts the server off, Auto Sensing™ detects the disconnect and goes to Fail Safe mode—without losing the current transaction!  When the server comes back on-line, the registers 'replay' each transaction, making all of the server’s data current. 

Spirit Touch


Manage - Back Office Management and Reporting
 Some Spirit™ POS Manage Features:
  • Launch Pad
  • Powerful Search
  • Basic Accounting and ability to export to QuickBooks
  • Extensive Reporting modules
  • Sale Campaign Management
  • Future Purchase Coupons
  • Discount Matrix
  • Quantity Discounts / Mix n’ Match
  • Multiple Item Products / Kits
  • Price Rounding Rules
  • Security Profiles
  • Reprint Receipts
  • Send/Receive Purchase Orders
  • Price Comparison
  • Target Marketing / CRM
  • Inventory / Department / Customer memo areas
  • Customer Barcode Labels / Key Tag Cards
  • Case Quantity Levels
Spirit™ POS Utilities

Included with all our systems are the following Spirit Utility Programs:

  • Spirit Purchase Order Utility - Automatically receive purchase orders in seconds instead of hours!
  • Spirit Time Clock - Software implementation of a mechanical time clock.  Tracks time and attendance.
  • RF Terminal Operation Center - Simple and powerful control program for your Portable Inventory Device.
  • Pop Ad Administrator - Schedule and analyze the placement showing of your own custom, point of purchase advertisements.
  • PLU Master - Utility for creating your own PLU item numbers! Great for Health, Pet, and Grocery stores.
  • New SKU Utility - Enter an unlimited number of new items into inventory automatically. All you need to do is scan and click.