Can I afford the Spirit POS System?

A: At Spirit Software, our philosophy is simple: If we can't show you, with your own figures, that the Spirit™ POS System will not only pay for itself, but make you money, we won't ask you to buy it! We feel there are three absolute requirements when making a buying decision: 1. Make sure the POS system does everything you need it to do for your business. 2. Prepare a Business Analysis with your store's figures to determine if the system will be profitable for your business. 3. Talk to at least six other store owners using the POS system you are about to purchase. If you follow these three guidelines, we feel you will purchase the right POS system the first time and be happy that you did.

Can I have more than one price level?

A: Yes! Tailor your price levels with a virtually unlimited number of customer and inventory item classes. The Spirit™ POS System automatically sets the retail price of an item by the class of customer purchasing it.

Can I show customers their savings when a product is discounted?

A: Yes!  The Spirit™ POS System has numerous ways of customizing the sales receipt. Among them (at your option) is a message showing your customer the total amount of savings they received by shopping at your store. Each time any type of discount is given, the difference between the regular sales price and the discounted price is retained and accumulated to print on the bottom of the sales receipt. You customize the message that you want printed with this savings amount (no message appears when a sales transaction does not contain any discounted items). With thermal receipt printers you can also print bar-coded Future Discount Coupons on the sales receipt. 

Can I use an Inventory Service?

A:By using the distributor catalogs, you can contract with an inventory service company, such as RGIS Inventory Specialist. They can scan all of your bar-coded inventory and supply you with a computer-readable file containing scanned UPC codes, sales departments, quantity on hand and your sales price. Running this information against your catalog data will create the necessary records in your inventory.

Do you have other customers I can talk to?

A:We can provide a list of customers that are currently using the Spirit™ POS System. Let store owners, like yourself, tell you their experiences with our company. They rate our service, support and after-the-sale commitment to our customers as excellent. Several store owners on the reference list have requested that we include them. They are so excited over the Spirit™ POS System that they want to pass on the good news!

How can I input my inventory quickly?

A: During the many years we've spent designing and installing point of sale systems, we've listened to our customers and developed many exciting features to meet their needs. There has always been one common concern among the retailers we have worked with: the need to get all of their store's inventory entered into their POS system so they can receive all of the benefits a system can provide. That's why Spirit™ POS System gives you several fast alternatives to manually entering items into inventory. Along with standard manual entry, you can also enter inventory items into the system by scanning items at the register, using a Portable Data Collector, and by using an inventory service. The key to these innovations is Distributor Catalogs. Our software's ability to utilize product information provided by your vendors makes it possible to enter inventory by scanning items at the register, using a Portable Data Collector, and/or by using an inventory service. With these powerful features, you can be scanning thousands of your bar-coded inventory in a matter of days with a retail price, department, profit margin, description, and cost.

How does the Spirit POS system handle Senior Citizen Discounts?

A:The Spirit™ POS System supports a variety of discounts automatically with customer classes and inventory item types that you specify. This process give you complete control over the discounts given at the check-out lane. For instance, a senior citizen could have an automatic 10% discount on one item, 15% on yet another, all determined by the customer class level and inventory item discount level. This saves considerable time during check-out. The Spirit™ POS System gives every customer the "best deal" (quickly and accurately) whenever a particular product qualifies for a Quantity Discount, Date Range On-Sale discount, or Customer Class discount... always giving your customer the lowest price they are entitled to. Avoid confusion at the register, and your customers will know they can depend on you to look out for them and their wallets!

How long before I can ring up sales with the Spirit POS system?

A:You can start ringing up sales just as soon as the register(s) are installed, a master catalog is created (a process taking just a few minutes), and you have assigned cashiers and sales departments.

I have a Deli, can your register read my price-computing scale barcode labels?

A: Yes! Price-computing scales used for pre-weighing, packaging and pricing bulk items print a special barcode label that can be read by the Spirit™ POS System.

I have bulk products-can I use a scale?

A: Yes!  The Spirit™ POS System is certified by Weights and Measures to integrate with electronic scales at the sales register. Eliminate manual entry errors by using scales at the POS registers. 

I have special return policies on some of my products, how can I show my customers?

A: The Spirit™ POS System can print special messages, depending upon what is purchased. You can set an unlimited message in the memo area of each sales department. This message will print on the sales receipt if any item within that sales department is sold. Use for disclaimers, cautions, advice, return policies etc. For the real special disclaimers, return policies etc, the Spirit™ POS System can print a one line message directly beneath the sale of that item on the receipt.

What is a Portable Data Collector and will it help me?

A:  The Radio Frequency Portable Data Collector is critical in getting the most out of your POS system and is a vital element in helping you control your inventory.  Don't be short-changed by other POS systems that do not incorporate this ability.

What's the procedure for training cashiers?

A: The Spirit™ POS System has a special function at the POS Register for training sessions. Training session transactions use the exact software functions and options as those of  normal 'Live' transactions.

Why are Distributor Catalogs important?

A: A Point of Sale/Inventory Control system cannot save you time and money unless the products you sell have been entered into the computer. Before Spirit Software, Inc. designed its unique catalog system, this project could literally take months (if not years!). Don’t be misled by other POS software claims of getting your inventory in by dropping a group of catalogs onto your system, have you sell products for a few months and then delete any that haven’t been sold. This is NOT your inventory. It’s not your retail prices, and it’s not your sales departments. It’s their quick and easy answer to something that Spirit Software has designed to save you time and get your POS system up quickly and efficiently. When you have finished using your vendor catalogs on the Spirit™ POS System, you have only the products currently in your store in your inventory and that’s with YOUR retail price, YOUR on-hand quantity and YOUR sales departments. You wouldn’t want it any other way.

Why should I consider the Spirit POS System?

A: We know of no other Point of Sale program on the market that has taken advantage of the data available from distributors. The Spirit™ POS System uses distributor catalogs which allow you to input your scannable initial inventory within hours, start ringing up sales the very first day and create purchase orders the first day of sales. Spirit Software, Inc. is dedicated to providing you with an affordable Point of Sale/Inventory Control system. Our goal: to provide you with all of the advantages available in this computer age. The Spirit™ POS System was designed to give you the flexibility and speed that a busy retail environment requires. We developed a basic Point of Sale program and have worked closely with store owners, like yourself, who helped in the development of a system designed with full features and ease of use for operators. We are confident that there is no other system available that can compare to the many exceptional features of The Spirit™ POS System. We offer installation, training, on-site warranties, software updates and technical support. Compare our features, service and support, and you will see that the Spirit™ POS System is truly a single source solution for your business.

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