Spirit POS and Spirit Touch... a winning combination!
Check out our Spirit Touch, an innovative operator interface for the Spirit™ POS System that will dramatically shorten training time for your new employees, while boosting the productivity of your experienced users.

The Spirit Touch interface helps reduce the time it takes to turn a new employee into an experienced and efficient POS operator.  Your customers will note and appreciate the difference.

The intuitive design of the Spirit Touch interface can help your store employees feel more confident at checkout, freeing them for more interaction with your customers.  The Spirit Touch packs all of the tools you need at the checkout.

  • High-resolution color display keeps your employees informed of what has happened during the transaction and what to do next.
  • Eight dynamic keys, 12 preset function keys, a numeric keypad and scrolling keys provide the simple operations needed for your newest employee and the tools to support your most experienced cashiers.

The Spirit™ POS system and Spirit Touch interface work the way employees think, instead of training your employees to think the way a computer works. Complex transactions are made simple by the Spirit™ POS and Spirit Touch interface.

Get More Productivity with Less Training. Let us put the power  of new technology to work for you!