Try Before You Buy

Don't be misled with promises instead of facts. COMPARE features - ASK questions DEMAND to be shown.  We don't just talk about our POS system - we'll SHOW you what the Spirit POS system can do for you!  A no obligation on-line demo lets you evaluate our POS system by actually seeing it at work...  we don’t just talk, we perform!

If you have specific needs, ask to be shown the features that will accomplish them.  But, most important, ask... how am I going to get my store’s inventory into the POS system?  What happens when I scan a non-inventory item?  How am I going to re-order products?  How am I going to receive purchase orders?  How am I going to do a physical inventory?  How am I going to print my shelf tags?  What kind of security does your system afford?  What’s the charge for technical support?  (If a certain amount comes with the purchase of the system, how much is it after it expires?) How much is after hours technical support?  Get this in writing ... our philosophy is “the best surprise is no surprise”!


Be sure to get specific.  We have replaced many POS systems where our customers tell us the salesperson indicated that the system would do everything they wanted it to do... but when it came to specifics, it just didn’t cut the muster.  A salesperson’s rhetoric is simply not sufficient for you to make intelligent buying decisions. 



  Demand to be shown the features you are expecting!


The best system in the world cannot be fully utilized without the reports that you need to make intelligent decisions about your business.  Many times reports are overlooked – yet they are extremely important if you want to use the full potential of a POS system.  Many competitors tout easy to use Report Writers but we find that most of them are very inadequate.  They have difficulty in doing complex joins and are not as simple to use as they would have you expect.

  Demand to be shown the reports that you need! 


 If a salesperson tells you they don’t have adequate 
data to run the report, translate that to “it can’t be done”.

Beware of the salesperson that gives you a 30 to 60 minute 
demo of their system and spends hours talking to you about it. 

 Demand to see every feature of the system they are talking about. 

Remember, this is a very big decision.  Take your time to evaluate the system thoroughly.  Call six to eight references (in your industry), who are using the version of the software you are planning to purchase.  We want you to be as confident as we are that you are choosing the right system for your store.

Please give us a call to arrange for your on-line demo. Allow at least 1 hour for a preliminary demonstration.  This will allow you to see the basics of our system.  Most customers will spend three to six hours evaluating the many features our system has to offer.  This can be done in one sitting or we will be happy to schedule several.