Customer Testimonials

Our customers are so happy with the new Spirit Pos System, they want to share their excitement with others. Many have upgraded from our old DOS system, others have had no previous point of sale experiences.  Some had replaced our DOS system with a competitor's and found out how inadequate and poorly designed their systems were.  The ones that have since re-joined the Spirit team are more than happy to share their experiences with you.  Many customers had previously installed POS systems and found that they were incapable of accomplishing the five steps that are essential in making a POS system profitable.

Below are some unedited testimonials... (we left the bad stuff in with the good!)


 * denotes where a competitor's system has been replaced

The Olde Wheat Barn

I have been promising myself that Janice and I would make the time to write you a short note letting you know how pleased we are with our Spirit Pos system. The only problem has been in the year and a half since we installed your system, our sales growth has averaged 25% a month, leaving us little time to write.


If we had not had the Spirit Pos system we could not have handled this growth without hiring additional employees. In fact we’ve actually been able to decrease our staff. The Spirit Pos system has allowed our staff to become more efficient, reduce the time required to place orders from hours to minutes, handle promotions in a consistent manner, and most importantly reduce our inventory investment by 25% while increasing sales by the same amount.As an old accounting professor, I can certainly appreciate what increased inventory turns can do for your bank balance and return-on-investment. I have in the past and will continue to tell any store owner/manager who will sit still long enough to listen that the Spirit Pos system is all that you said it was, plus 100% more. There is no reason that any store doing at least $300,000 a year cannot pay for the Spirit POS system within 2 years through decreased inventory carrying expense, increased inventory turns, higher in-stock percentages greater cash control, and easier cashier training.We could list all the same positive comments that your other customers have discussed in previous letters, but that would only be repeating the obvious. Perhaps the highest compliments paid the Spirit Pos system have come from the many manufactures reps and brokers that call on us. Each one of them, after no more than two sales calls says: “That computer system you have is unbelievable. I only wish that all of my customers had a Spirit Pos.” Since the reps no longer have to do inventory counts or spend time trying to show me what I purchased from them in the last month or last quarter, they seem to be much more open to “EXTRA” deals and discounts. We always know what’s selling and what’s not and can use this information to our advantage in dealing with all of our sources.


Next to our reps, your biggest fans are our customers. After having the system installed six months, we started to produce Preferred Customer cards for ALL customers. This now allows us to track all purchases, maintain customer histories, identify and reward our top customers, and do direct mail promotions.

In closing, I would like to say to any prospective Spirit POS customer, “I believe you’ve got two choices for your future. You can go ahead and keep doing things the same old way with the same old results; or invest a small amount of your time and money in this System and then hold on for the most fun and profit you’ve had in your business in a long time. The choice is yours.”


Gary M. Goodling
Janice L. Love
The Olde Wheat Barn, Inc.


Petland Bradenton

I absolutely LOVE my Spirit POS system! I have been using it for a little over a year now and I cannot say enough good things about the system. It is very user friendly! I was very intimidated at first since I have never used a POS system before, but in a short amount of time, and some great technical support, I was using the system effectively. The Spirit POS is everything I could ever want in a POS system. The reports help me make the best possible business decisions. At the touch of a button I have everything I need to know in seconds! The RF hand held device is awesome! I use it almost daily to place orders, receive orders, do cycle counts for inventory etc...The register is also awesome! You can teach someone to use it almost immediately! The Tech people are very helpful and supportive, they listen to your needs and desires and make it happen with their frequent maintenance releases. I believe they sincerely care about each of their customers. I would confidently recommend this system to anyone in the market for a POS system. It will make your business more profitable and save you valuable time!


Kimberley Tom
Petland Bradenton

Morning Glory Natural Foods

Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how the Spirit POS system has already met the three needs of our business that I told you I needed help in, saving time ordering products, more accountability in the checkout register department, and money.  All this has been accomplished in less than 6 months.

After the initial setup and learning of the system, I was able to consistently balance my daily totals, and provide the security I needed at the registers.  Discounting of products, in house charges, sale pricing, all became much more manageable.

The next goal was to reduce the time it took to purchase inventory.  With over 30 suppliers, most of which I personally do the buying, I needed to reduce the time it took for each order.  This came immediately following the first physical count of my inventory.  Using the SCOOP ordering system I was able to cut my ordering time in half!

The third and most important aspect of the Spirit Pos system is it needed to not only pay for itself but make money.  In retail your largest expense is in inventory that sits on the shelf.  I quickly saw that if I saved just $40.00 to $50.00 ($100s for my larger orders) per order by ordering just those products I needed I could save real money.  Using the SCOOP ordering method this was easily achieved while keeping my out of stocks below 3%.  My margin have increased while at the same time I'm able to compete in the market place through competitive pricing.  I am now ready to target inventory that I want to move (slow movers or high margin skus) through commission sale bonuses for my sales staff, which your systems allows me to do.

As you can see, I am quite pleased at how the system has helped me become a more profitable and easier to manage business.  I want to thank you and tech support for all the help you've given me.


Randal D. McLean
Morning Glory Natural Foods

B & C Nutrition (replaced ECRS system)

I first realized the need for a POS system in the early 90's.  We sought out and explored a few systems, but Cam Data was the only system we were considering until we found Dunn & Dunn in the spring of 1995.

In the fall of '95, we purchased a workstation and one register, a big step for a small store (1400 sq. ft.).  But we were so pleased with the product we ordered another register.  Dunn & Dunn were young and not very supportive, but we felt the core software was far superior than any other product on the market.

As with all things in life, you try something different - the Black ECR year.  Misled from the start, we still agreed to try the ECR Open POS and Simple Retailer.  This was a very huge mistake.  The new Catapult from ECR was about to make its presence the first of the year 2000, then Feb, then March, then not all the bells and whistles were ready, plus extra prices for extra modules. 

Plus, I was told the upgrade to the Catapult would be about $200 per station.  WOW was I misquoted by at least $9,000. While under contract with ECR, I called Dunn & Dunn for some help and to see how far and advanced its tech support has come.  Light years and very helpful, so much that we started talking about the new Windows Spirit system.

I was blown away with the ease and power of the new system and personnel.  The sales staff can talk to you about the product from a technical point of view.  I, as an owner, can talk to you about the product as a tool, a very friendly, useful tool no store can be without.  Dunn & Dunn really answer the questions and support the independent health food store.

The biggest concern I have as a merchant is updating catalogs simply and easily, and not having all SKU's from over 100 catalogs in the inventory file.  But a separate file, along with the power of the Spirit POS, allows you to search for a product by any means at all registers and workstations.  The product is the very, very BEST and I will talk to anyone about Spirit POS.  

John J. Kuklinski  _

Alternative Awareness (replaced ECRS Catapult system)

Thank You to Dunn & Dunn Data Systems for helping me correct one of the biggest mistakes I ever made.  I had your DOS system and was led to believe by one of your old salespeople that another system, the ECR Catapult, would be easier to use.  What a disaster!! The difference between the systems is night & day, with your Spirit system being so user friendly and ECR being so complicated.  Your class is also a big help and really allowed me to focus on the training without being constantly interrupted in the store.

But the best part of the entire system is your tech support.  They are always there for me, ready to answer any question, no matter how small.  One of the techs almost always answers the phone, and the few times that I had to leave a message I got a call back right away.

Doing purchase orders in the Spirit system is so simple to do - I never could figure out how to do them with ECRS.  Of course the training you gave me was a major factor in my success with your system.  I felt I never got the proper training with ECR.  And when I bought their system I was told the support fee would be approximately $ 300 per year.  But in reality, when my free support ran out, they wanted almost $ 3,000 before they would even talk to me.  And I didn't even have the system totally working yet!

I now realize what a mistake it was to even look at another system.  Feel free to have any of your potential customers call me, since I would like to share my experiences - and maybe save someone from the nightmare and financial disaster I experienced.


Shelley & Tico Dumas
Alternative Awareness


Petland Orlando South (replaced Arba system)

We are writing this letter to tell you how happy we are with the SPIRIT POS system.  When we opened our store over four years ago we opened with the Arba system.  Another store owner, who has the SPIRIT POS system, was constantly telling us how wonderful his system was, how much better it was etc. etc.  Unfortunately we didn't pay any attention to him.  Last year at a trade show we stopped by your booth and were blown away at how much easier and how much more the SPIRIT POS system could do.  We were so impressed that, even though we had a lot of money invested in our Arba system, we converted over to SPIRIT.

Not only is SPIRIT more user-friendly Windows based, has more options and capabilities, but you are constantly updating the system.  When we have suggestions, you listen, and often a new update will have those suggestions implemented.  When we need help there is always a friendly voice on the other end of the phone to help. SPIRIT saves us time and saves us money!  What more could we want!


Eric and Trevor Davies
Petland Orlando South


Petland Chillicothe, OH ( replaced MagStar)

We have had the Spirit POS System since February of 2000. We had a POS in our store over the years that unfortunately was never able to generate the reports, orders, or monitor our inventory at any capacity. The system we had was not user friendly and became an expensive cash register for us. The Spirit POS System was installed and immediate results were noticed.

After installing the system, the first step was to put the entire inventory into the system. While the store was open we were able to enter in a little over 5,500 items in a short few days. The system was up and running live, ringing sales, monitoring our inventory, and collecting data. Soon, we placed our first purchase order and continued to move fast. After 30 days the entire inventory was in, the store was tagged, and the ordering methods were in place. We moved on to tweaking our inventory, monitoring customers purchase history, and increasing gross profit. There were three days of training provided, that covered the functions and capabilities of the POS. The system is very user friendly and we continued to point and click our way through the system. The technical support given has always gone above and beyond to look at any minor problems we’ve had and address them immediately. We have continued to look at our inventory in ways we never imagined. The inventory reports are awesome and the sales reports are exactly what we look for.

The Spirit POS is continuing to change through live updates or Maintenance Releases. This shows that you continue to put time and effort to make this the best POS system for our store. The Maintenance Releases offer new reports, new options, and new ways to monitor inventory. Since we purchased the POS in February, we have added the electronic scale and the hand-held O'Neill portable printer to make us more efficient. We use the RF Terminal on a daily bases, to take cycle counts on our inventory, print detail tags, put items on sale, and change locations of items. Without the RF Terminal, time would be wasted going back and forth through the store to get these things accomplished.

You have always listened to ideas and suggestions that we have about the POS. Maybe by adding a new report or by changing a report to show more options or detail. We use and work the system everyday to make our business the best it can be. The bottom line is our gross profit has increased over the last year and the credit goes to the Spirit POS, by tracking and monitoring our inventory at such a high level and making it easy for us to be the merchant we are.


Steve Huggins
Petland Inc.
Chillicothe, OH

Wilma's Health Care (replaced Quicksell 2000)

I bought my first system from Dunn & Dunn about 1994.  When the Year 2000  issue came up and I needed to update, I did some shopping around and some local people said they could save me about $6,000.  I got their system with assurance they could convert my system to theirs.  After they had my money, I was told they could not convert my inventory to their system.  Between lawyers and paying employees to get the mess corrected, I am sure I spent $6,000 + the horrible mess with my inventory.

After one year I contacted Dunn & Dunn to convert back to their system. We've had some difficulties to iron out but once you take control of the use of the equipment, things work pretty smooth.  Dunn & Dunn really works to keep things current through updates and strives to understand the needs of the consumer.

Health Food  Emporium

I just wanted to write and tell you all over at Dunn & Dunn how much easier my life has been with your system!!!! As you know, I checked out a lot of systems and nothing came close to Spirit POS, also your support is so quick in helping you if you run into trouble, which rarely happens here, but it is nice to know you all are there.  Thank you for your interest in our well being.  Take care.


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